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Just in time to decide, PoliticsWatch.com launches its 2006 Vote Selector Quiz

[PoliticsWatch posted January 16, 2006 - For immediate release]

OTTAWA — PoliticsWatch.com is pleased to launch its updated Vote Selector Quiz just in time to decide for the 2006 federal election. 

The 2006 Vote Selector Quiz is interactive, politically informative, entertaining and, best of all, it is fun. 

Check out the 'PM picker' direct at:


By answering 18 questions on the hot issues from the 2006 campaign trail, online users can see how their preferences rank against each of the federal leaders and political parties. 

"Offering our users the best Canadian political coverage available online is a critical part of our mission. Our online users count on PoliticsWatch® for accurate and balanced coverage of the issues affecting our country," confirmed Romeo St. Martin, political correspondent for PoliticsWatch.com.

Launched in September 2000, PoliticsWatch® has become a leading global provider of real-time political news. An accredited news service with the Canadian Parliamentary Press Gallery, PoliticsWatch® offers original news, photos and more. Check it out for yourself and see why PoliticsWatch® is recognized as one of the top political web sites in the world. 


For comment please contact: 

Romeo St. Martin, Parliamentary Correspondent, PoliticsWatch.com
phone: (613) 232-0516

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